2001 Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Questions

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The serpentine belt came off of it till the battery died replaced crankshaft positioning sensor no spark replace the battery doesn't start wondering if the computer is locked because the battery went dead
My heat just stopped Working. All it blows is cold air now, what could be wrong?
I try to pass a slower car and instead of my car dropping down in2 a lower gear and launching itself and start pulling, it stalls as if it's shutting down and then it starts pulling but then if I punch it a little more it does it everytime I punch the gas... But it never stalls when I just push the gas peddle down at a even push instead of punching it to the floor... What could be the problem.. I hope not transmission problems already I just bought it a month ago frm a friend and i still have put the peddle to the floor yet. Can someone help me?
The inside which is use less and I have tried the key many times w/o success buttons on rear seats are clicked in so I can't even climb thru this time to release from inside.
what would the estimated cost be to replace crank shaft sensor A
OBD is un able to communicate to get reading
tryn to remove the fan
bought the cassette from monster cable to play ipod through stereo.
One i'm looking at has 100k miles now.
let it dry for few days now
first time its happen
can you tell me exactly what that code means and how to repair
The check engine light is on and the code is P0170
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