2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Questions

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When I unplug the battery my Windows my top and my rear head rear start to work then they go out then I have to do it again
its making a nocking noise causing my car to run hot
Car has delay to start when key is turned on and will not shift out of second gear.
ed shut off, had to have it towed
My 2000 CLK 430 presents two issues that might be connected, both having to do with dashboard check lights. The SRS hardly ever comes out in the check control before all lights turn off. On the other hand the Check Engine light often stays on (not always) for a while and when it does performance usually drops (but not always), especially in connection with my pushing down the throttle harder than normal. Can you help? Thanks very much, James.
When I give it more gas it will sort of lessen . I have gotten an alignment done. Stock tires and replaced the rear wheel differncial got replaced. I heard it could be the arm controls, the bushing, and rotors. I don't know what it is but I really need some answers so I can get it fixed.
I suspect that a hydraulic line might be leaking in the soft top lid as oil drips out the bottom of the lid when it is raised. Is this a common occurance? Where is the hydraulic pump and/or resevoir located?
After a wait today it started right up . fuel filter just replaced. Fuel pump going?
Dealer tested and back with these needs I replaced and still ocassional start up issues
Also, it has started to missfire and run extremely roughly, this
is corrected when the ignition is turned off and on again, this has only happened twice, service work carried out so far, 16 new platinum plugs fitted, new air cleaner filters, new fuel filter, fuel lines backflushed, could it be the MAF? I have run out of ideas, other than taking it to a MB authorized Dealer at great Expense! No error codes have been logged in the onboard computer at the time of this problem occurring.
Would appreciate any advice you can offer?
Kind regards,
For future problems or possible repairs I would have to deal with in the future

Also how reliable?

Thanks everyone!
My clutch and compressor has burned out three times this year. Freon and other readings are normal.
I just replaced the battery in my 2000 CLK430 and now both the drivers side and passenger side windows will roll down, but will not roll up.. Is there any relearn process that needs to be done after battery replacement?
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