1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Questions

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Radio is locked out I got code from Mercedes dealer but on the screen it says wait? and its been like that for atleast a month, I own a 1999 CLK 430 Mercedes
After replacing the battery car has no power and won't start
lost my key for 1999 clk 430 what do i do where do i get nta replacemet
after trans warms up it appears to be slipping. turn off ignition trans starts to operate again
power to the crappy light unit, I have replaced the bulbs, headlights work.
My Mercedes Benz is automatic an it won't shift gears it's stays in first gear an ills up an won't change out the oil an transmission leaked out of it when I had it sitting down for awhile after finding out my alternator went out I replace it an the car starts up jus find fully powered but I can't drive over 20-30 mph because it won't shift gears what could be my problem??
What do I need to do?
When slowing down or at a stop,it blows cool air.
The miles are (2) of them are right around 62,000-65,000K...Need advice thank you.
I want to take my clk430 with me behind my motorhome
ive had to put 2 gall of coolant in it , dosnt overheat but is losing fluid// what can it be
My trans fluid leaks when the car sits for more than a week or 2. Now I drive it more frequently and it's beginning to leak while i'm driving. It seems to be leaking from the top which I was told was a breather or vent valve. What could cause that and what type of fluid can I refill in the meantime?
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