2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Questions

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checked all fuses, none blown.. nothing on drivers door works and the wipers will not come on. the passenger door window is the only one that works
What year and model car muffler will work my 2008 mercedez benz 350 clk
Fuse 52 has voltage when try to start
Info screen on dash says trunk partition open when attempting to lower top.
The maintenance messages requested I top off my coolant and windshield washer. I added very little coolant per the owners manual and windshield washer. Can you provide guidance on how to clear these messages. I still get these messages when I first start the car but then bypass them by changing displays. Thanks for any help you can provide.
My windshield wipers work, but the cleaner won't spray. This is constant since a few months ago. I don't hear any pump running when I press the wiper column. The reservoir is full.
Cream colored belts have no tension & are filthy.
wondering where the fuse/relay would be located
The manual says to go to settings, which I have done, but within settings there is not a site for time, just temperature, cluster and something else. I also have a COMMAND system for audio and the manual says for cars with COMMAND to set clock by COMMAND manual. But the friggin' COMMAND manual says nothing about setting the clock. HELP ME PLEASE
today i saw the brake wear warning.How long can i drive my car ?
How much would it be to replace a dust filter w labor on a Mercedes clk 350. Also , how much is a remote replacement key

antenna module in rear window that needs replaced and it's $2200! ouch! help....
A red "See Technician" light turned on with a battery icon above. I assumed the battery was loose so I fixed that and the red light keeps turning on.
my engine almost dies when I put the air conditioner on, what's causing that.
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