2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Questions

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The back seam on the canvas top is glued according to MB dealer. They claim it needs to be replaced and cannot be reg lied.
Why does. customer have to pay out of pocket for repair to eliminate musty odor smell each time car is turned on? Common complaint. Has there been a recall for this foul odor?
They replaced the soft top. Did the person who did the work disconnect anything. My SRS light stays on.
I missed a bumper and there was a rough contact between the bottom of the car and the bumper. Any chance I could have damaged something down there ?
My car recently stalled while going 60 mph on a bridge in heavy traffic. Very scary. The problem was the fuel pump. I was upset since the car was just serviced a month ago. Are there electronic warning signs that should have gone off? Or should my mechanic have seen the problem a month ago?
At night I cannot see any of the dials on the console such as the speedometer, tachometer, mileage, etc. but the other console lights are on. I checked the console fuse and it is ok.
I stopped put into neutral then would not got out on neutral switched off restarted then worked fine again???
Would replacing the control unit be sufficient for this purpose and be compatible or this might have an impact on the soft-wear system.
fault code 0064 sensor appears to work ok displays the same angle deg as right hand bank when running and on a scope pattern matches both exhaust cam sensors perfectly.
check engine light appears to come on when being driven in town but goes off when driven hard
the problem is for clk 350 2007, any other problems to look forward too? just changed tires twice in 6 mos including rotors.
i am having no problem with the car it has 23000 miles and the dash says it is past time for maintenance b
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