2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Questions

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soft top wont go down. No message on dash. No flashing switch
Windshield wipers don't work at all..just stopped
Fan come on some times, not all the time. When the temperature is up above 70 * or so I get warning, could it be a sensor?
The top want come all the way up.trunk portion want come down.
I have a 2006 clk 350 and the top won't go down. It keep saying to close the trunk partition and it is close. I'm pretty sure it's something simple. I just need a little help to figure it out. Please help. Thanks.
Despite a new transmission and reman engine directly worked n from Mercedes my check engine light has not gone away. I through with throwing money away for deductibles and rentals. I no longer trust Mercedes service center and I need honest work. They are alleging it's the charcoal canister & valve. How much is the piece and repair for that and could code 0954 mean something else?
My well maintained, garage kept, 2006 CLK350 convertible has rust spots on the bottom of both doors. Dealer quote to replace the doors is about $6000.00-$6500.00. Car value is supposedly about $11,000.
I really want to keep this car as I love the cadet blue color and otherwise it is in great shape.
1. Is the cost to replace the doors appropriate? Would shopping different MB dealers yield more competitive pricing ?
2. Is it worth it? While I love the car maybe it is time to let go. If it was black silver or white I would let it go. But the cadet blue is unique and clearly the current limited choices in car colors now has parking lots full of black, silver or white cars. Not a desirable choice for me.
3. If I do pay for new doors, am I just headed into a cash eating money pit?
The car is almost 10 years old and has 78,000 miles on it.
*I do keep my cars for about 10 years. Maybe the rust occurs on many MB's but after when most folks turn their in??? But I really liked this car and thought I could keep it as an extra car for 10+ more years.
4. Should I even consider another mercedes benz (currently looking at the E400 series and an E350 2 dr 4 matic)? My research on the MB rust problem seems to point to a faulty design with the door weep holes and the rubber gasket which holds water .
The local dealer sales manager and the pre owned manager both looked at my CLK350 and said they were very surprised by the rust on my car, given the excellent condition otherwise. Since I am out of warranty they recommended that I write MB for possible assistance. (not holding my breath)

Thanks for the advice.
I'm 39, F, & I just want to make sure I don't get taken advantage of what repairs need to get done.
My car cools fine. My car makes no noise. No throttles no overheating, no some , no high oil pressure.
I am being told that I have to replace the entire manifold because I have a faulty air flap
I checked the gas cap its ok, I am late for my service b Oil looks good, could use a qt.
Just had thenEGR valve replace Now the radio Will turn on and off but no buttons will work to change any function on radio panel
Only one station programed and work
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