2001 Mercedes-Benz CLK320 Questions

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I just purchased a car am I have issues with the convertible top going up and down. One night when I try to use it I noticed there is hydraulic fluid and it appears that one of the lines have broken. However, I have experienced issues with it going up-and-down.
the plug number is 038-545-71-28 what does it plug into after the 3rd brake light to give the 3rd brake light power
A mechanic showed me how to get it out of gear by sticking a pen down by the gear to put it in drive. Then I think it's just in one gear. What you think I need a gear box. Transmission or both that AB light comes on. What you think I need thank you
mechanic says i need a trrs
First time this has happened
Any product or restoration method I can use to refresh them? Small area now but not sure if I can stop it from happening further and treat the areas effected now. Brilliant silver color.
Both horn and my inflation switches for front seats stopped working...always seemed to be electrical issues w/ this make model since I bought it in 2001. Checked all fuses in front and trunk fuse boxes to no avail....any suggestions as it certainly isn't safe to be w/o a horn...seats are nice to inflate for back issues too. BTW, the other electrical seat options such as movement adjustments still work...just the inflation options. Thank you!
Car has been running fine, then a big rainstorm, car in San Diego not used to rain, went to start and had to turn key all the way to the right - far from normal...then, started but wouldn't let me take shifter out of park. Check engine light came on second time after I shut down and restarted again. Odd that no problems then rain then issue w/ starting, etc.??? I changed the crankshaft sensor a few years ago and not many miles put on since then - fyi...thank you!!
sensors on the luggage compartment wont let top up or down
I can manually release it each time without a problem, just wondering what causes it and what the fix is.
All other functions are working, tilt, lounge, headrest..
Why is it remembering that position and how do I make it stop?
I need to replace the air and heat control panel on console. The buttons don't work anymore
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