2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK320 Questions

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rear wheel bearing needs replacement, and the roof is leaking at front wind shield and we can open the roof.
do not have enough power to pass other vehicles over drive on automatic transmission tries to engage but never does, what causes this problem?
Happens all the time
when I turn key to start car all the light come on in the dash I hear a click and nothing happens,,,battery is not dead
I only notice smoke when I shut the car off after usage.. Recently had oil change but I had spilled oil cleaned off & still smoking..
As I was driving it was switching gears now I don't know which gear it's stuck in. It doesn't drive normal and my idle is too high. Can't go over 40 mph.....what's wrong?!
Headrests go up and down ok. Windows open but roof either doesnt move or gets stuck up in the air.
Head lamps and washer fluid. I did all the changes and a tuneup. The mechanic noted that the serpentine belt needs to be changed and the rear left brake.The problem is the car engine check light is on, I can hear the clutch from the outside of the car when the car shift gears, and the car has problems shifting in all gears. In addition the car is losing speed so i have to drive 30-40mph. What could be the problem? Someone said it could be the speed sensor. Nothing being displayed beside the engine check light
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