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thought it was controller, that went thru washing maching. however, the 'other' controller allows me to open the door, while alarm sounds, start the car (alarm now goes off), and shut the car off - I then close the door without locking nor setting the alarm. thought I was home free, till Monday arrived, when I could take it in. Perhaps 1.5hr later, the alarm was blaring again. Went in, started car - alarm stops - and then stopped the car, followed by exiting and NOT locking nor setting the alarm (same condition under which I left it BEFORE it went off).

How do I stop this, for the weekende to pass, in order that I may just take it in. Tried the 'wrench' in console - they had no idea what to do. On my own, tried to insert the psuedo-key, in the remote, and turnted the lock back and forth, thinking I was remembering a short fix-it from years back. Yet, as described, it went off almost 1.5hr after I turned off the engine, and exited without setting the alarm nor locking the door.

Appreciate any thoughts as it's Fri night, in a small suburb of CA, where I'm disturbing the neighbors, and have no where to go.

one of 20 in US = CL600 2008 ... with 40 in Europe

perhaps one of 19 can assist?
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