2004 Mercedes-Benz CL500 Questions

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I have a 2004 Mercedes Benz CL500 and the right side tail lights have all went out the whole side is out it does a quick flash when I hit the brakes
I am thinking a ring has gone please inform me if you have any ideas
I can not open the rear after the destruction Bag How do I open the lock or unlock way without causing any damage؟؟؟
Hi! This is my the first CL-500 and this is the first time this happens. After pulling the latch 2 out of 3 latches are free... the left (if facing the car) is still locked. Tried to mess with it but no success... Ant advice on how I could open my hood?
the trunk button on the inside of the trunk as well as the button on the inside of drivers panel wks,it just does not close the trunk completely.
MY ABC light has been coming on for a couple months. Recently it started to come on every time I drove it. Last week, while the car was stopped at a red light, the red colored abc light came on and a dinging noise started. So I pushed the button that raises and lowers the car, the front drivers side lowered and the passenger rear side rose. Do you know what could be wrong? Also my husband noticed a container that is to the abc, that seems to have a type of oil in it, with a dip stick, that has 2 different notches in it, one half way and one approximately 3/4's of the way. It is half full and the fluid is dark green in color. Is that the way it should be? Which mark should it be up to? What type of fluid is supposed to be in there?
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