2003 Mercedes-Benz CL500 Recalls

RepairPal provides easy-to-read analysis of 2 official 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL500 recalls. Find out if your 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL500 needs service due to a recalled defect and learn how to fix it.

RepairPal Expert Overview on July 2, 2007
RepairPal Expert Overview on August 17, 2004

The trunk lid springs may fail. As a result, the trunk lid will not remain in the open position and could cause injury if it comes down unexpectedly.

Mercedes-Benz will notify owners of affected vehicles beginning August 17, 2004. If your trunk lid will not stay up, or you don't receive notification and you feel you should have, please contact your dealer. It's helpful to have your vehicle identification number (VIN) when you call.