2002 Mercedes-Benz CL500 Questions

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My active body light is red and says drive carefully my right side of the car is down but when I push the height button nothing happens it doesn't raise or lower I want to know do u think the tandem is shot
After battery was taken out charged and put back in my car is acting weird it acts like it want to start but it doesn't when I click off and on alarm on the driver side flashes lights window work door locks not sure what issue is or whether battery could be in wrong
Mercedes said to replace the whole tail light assemblies. I took both left and right tail lights out and all the lights work when I put power to both sides. but the blinker bulbs would not blink. What is wrong. HELP
I have a problem with my car gear .. automatic gear does not change after 2 or 3 ....
the front lowers its self in the front with in a few hours
my trunk mounted cd will not load. it says" no magazine". i have replaced the magazine with a new one with no results. there is also a problem witm the trunk it has to be opened manually which is a pain in the ass. can you advise me of what the fixes should cost?
there is a slight misfire at idle which can vary and some times disappear
Can it be taken apart to remove what ever it is, causing that rattling noise.
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