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the hydraulic hose in the front of the car is leaking dealer quoted me at $650, they said at least 3 hours of labor, $140 for part plus the fluid...
Just happen yesterday.3
I purchased a 2001cl500 whit the front left side down. The seller told me that it might be the strut but he saw a puddle of fluid where he had it parked in his garage. I parked the car in my drive way and now it is in the low position on all four wheels. I checked the fluid canister and it is full. The read out on the dashboard is telling me the car is too low. I really appreciate any advice I can use. You can reach me at or #323 533 1028.


I have a problem in my car mercedes-benz cl500 model 2001.
The problem is: When i start the engine i hear a strong sound right under the driver seat and the sound changes with the gear shifting and that sound cant be heared from outside the cabin of the car only when your inside. I took it to the mechanics and he said the soud comes form the gear while checking for that in the gear the mechanics switch off the car and removed the belt then started the car again but this time there was no sound. he suggested the problem with the power steering, I bought a power steering ( used one ) and replaced it the sound ws a little bit lower than before but within hours the sound was back like before, right now with using the old power steering or the new used one that i bought when i try to left the car up useing the hydrulic system of the car's dumpers while it's lefting that sound disappear but once the lefting operation stops that soud is back again. Also when leaving the car un used for couple of days the front right side of the car drops down while the other side is still the same.

Note: the sound problem started 9 months ago when i bought the car.

Your kind and propmt reply would be highly apprecaited.


where can I find a new or used or rebuilt hydrauic pump?
Hi, I inspected the flex disc by grasping the driveshaft and tried forcing it to flex, I felt no detectable play in the flex disc. Is there another way to inspect flex disc, short of removing it? When I researched the part, there was a mention of front and rear flex disc. Last, would you recommend changing the support bearing if my flex disc are found to be worn? I noticed the light vibration to be under my console area, which suggest flex disc play or is this another problem. Any help or ideas are appreciated, thanks.
This is a tough question because it is a sound or vibration. It sounds like a light thump or low vibration that I only hear at low speeds, below 40 mph. I thought it was coming from rear suspension, now I am wondering if it's the driveshaft flex busing. The car has 62K, any ideas will be appreciated.
My driver door does not pull closed any longer. I can hear an escaping air sound, but have not located leak as of yet. The other door and trunk work fine.
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