2000 Mercedes-Benz CL500 Questions

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On my car it goes over the middle (90) looks like running a bit warm....sometime it reaches 100. is this normal?
of fuel what might cause this it has just been re gassed
My drivers window, both rear windows, Both Mirror, Drivers Seat and Trunk Release do not work. I was told it may be a window control module. The right door features all work. And the back windows do not work from the switches in the rear or from the drivers. door. I have three windows that are not are not completely closed. I di dnto know if there was a way to temporarily close them manually. Thanks for your help.
My passenger front suspension is making a squeaking noise and I hear a air leak from undrneath but when I do more than 40 mph I don't hear the squeak suspension
I had my car serviced and I think a carpeted panel is missing from interior of trunk lid. Dealer is telling me I am crazy. I have owned the car for 10 years and I immediately saw it looks different with an exposed turnable clip. I think they lost the panel and don't want to admit it.
after thunderstrom instrument gage light when walked by.remote door$trunk wouldn't work.wipers &headlight washer come on and stay when turned off.alarm comes on and stays until stays running after turning off &removing key.Cuts off when brake applied.roof won't open. Mercedes dealer can't find anything wrong.Afraid if problem not found it will surely happen again.
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