1999 Mercedes-Benz CL500 Questions

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The passenger side front and the driver side rear fuse keeps blowing. As soon as u start putting fuse in it starts sparking and is ready to blow. I used the power probe and checked to make sure the window motors are not faulty, and they work fine. The resist between the leads is .8 ohm. But that's the same resistance on all main motor wires. So I do not believe it is a motor short. There is no resistance between any of the motor wires and ground. So I do not believe a wire is grounded with a short. Any ideas?
I have charged the car battery and the trunk will still not open with the key, or the fob. Changed the battery in the key fob, with still no success.
what is the original wheels and tire size for my car.. 1999 mercedes-CL500
I get a vibration that you can feel between 40mph and 60mph. It is at it's worst at 50mph. The tires were checked for balancing and that was fine.
Cracked Driveshaft Flex Discs May Cause Driveshaft Movement/Vibration"
The CL500 takes 16 spark plugs correct? How many ignition coils does it take?
How do you change the charcoal cabin air filters that are located in the dash in a 1999 CL500
All of the rear speakers on my 1999 CL500 stopped working. Front speakers and all other radio components are fine. Even with fader knob on radio turned fully to rear nothing happens. Ideas?
Rear left window does not close completley when closing the drivers door. I understand this could be some type of controller and if so how difficult would it be to replace.
Just bought a 99 CL600 used car too cheap. 3 hours after owning it, my trunk won't latch shut. I opened it two times and it latched shut, when the guy showed me where the battery compartment was. I get it home, I can slam the trunk shut all I want, but it won't latch. Can anybody help me?
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