2008 Mercedes-Benz C350 Questions

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I have changed 3 different type of brain box and seem they didnt fix the right one please where can i get a good one that will work with the car well
Headlights cut off going down st, dashboard light comes on when open door and stays on after I park. Last. it starts sometimes
slowing down to turn, or stop, engine seems like car has died---hitting gas peddle hard make car go forward again
the car drove and park came back out nd it won't start,the lights came on with key in ignition but won't start.
how do I replace the actuator motor for up/down steering column adjustment?
My mechanic gave my car a tune up did he have to register it in my car computer because now the check engine light is on
i'm not the only one whose c350 has run out of gas due to the gas gauge being wrong! why is this? how much to fix it? why is it not a recall? it is dangerous to suddenly run out of gas when your car tells you you have 100 miles worth of fuel left, and the gauge is above 1/4 tank. anyone?
I am able to adjust the up & down direction of the low beam headlight but Not the side to side. Currently my low beams are shinning more towards the sidewalk and not straight forward. How do i get that corrected ??
i don't see it in the trunk or the front
Drove to the store, when I tried to restart, nothing, interior lights come can lock and unlock the doors, key in the ignition nothing, can anyone help?
Blower Motor will not come on to blow the heat out.
I have an iPhone 5 and i cannot figure out how to add contacts to my phone book in the car. Back in 07' when i bought this 08' car, the cell phone technology allowed me to send contacts from my phone to the car phone book using Bluetooth. Cant do it now. Anyone know of any new developments?
Paint is worn off and it looks tacky..i know it's cosmetic but it looks damaged
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