2003 Mercedes-Benz C320 Questions

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Had the car 2 months,drove like a dream at first,then chaos,changed the shifter,changed the conductor plate,fluid,filter,fuses,and now even after reset goes into limp mode within minutes and is all over the place.No hard shifts just random erratic un drivable shifting.
Me car switches from stick to automatic there is a button by the gear shift I think it's called the Str that button is not working properly when I drive it it stays in first and second and will not go 3rd 4th or 5th gear after driving it for an hour the car will not move in any gear if I let the car sit For a couple hours it will continue to work again I took it to a shop to get fixed and they're just taking my money not fixing my problem can anybody help
Drove through deep mud. Car refused to leave gear 1. Have tried to remove it from emergency mode. First, will struggle to change but remains settled in gear 1. What do I do?
gnal sensor on hatch rail or in the lock? neither?
I have a red warning light coming up intermittently asking to check alternator /battery. But they are both ok so i suspect the auxiliary battery.
Radiator coolant steam out of tubing behind the engine n firewall with no access near the driver side n fuses. .help what to do right.. how to remove the tubing to the core behind the firewall properly. Help
Can a SRS error code be turned off without repairing the problem. Can a non mercedes shop clear a code?
The SRS light was on so they took it to a Mercedes shop to clear the code. When I got the car back the rear passenger seatbelt was not working. I called Mercedes and they said carmax wanted them to clear the code but they couldn't because it needed repaired. Car ex told them not to repair it. Carmax originally told me that they didn't mess with the SRS problem and that Mercedes did the repairs. They then changed their story and said they replaced the driver rear airbag and connector. They want me to bring car back so their appraiser can see if seatbelt problem was related to accident or not. I don't think seatbelt was from accident I think it was from something they did while trying to clear the code. How can I find out if they really did replace the airbag and if the seatbelt issue I'm having now was from something they did.
Hatchback is very hard to open, sometimes will not open. Seems to be the actuator. How can I fix it ?
It dose not raise immediately but when you march the truto for long then it start raising
I have a 2003 c320 with only 58,000 miles on it. I purchased it in Feb 2014 two days I after I bought it The gears wouldnt shift. The dealership repaired the problem for free and it has been driving excellent every since. A month and a half ago I was idling at a light and my car shut completely off. I turned on the ignition and it worked just fine. The malfunction button said 1 malfunction, I noticed the gas was low so I gassed up and the malfunction went back to 0 malfunction. This happened 1 more time when the gas was low so I thought ok that must be the problem even though I was over 1/4 of a tank. The third time the gas was 3/4 full and it cut off at the light again it started rigt back up. Today I was driving it was fine then out of no where it started losing power. I pulled over turned off the ignition it started right back up but would not move even though it was in drive. So I tried using the manual mode and it would not switch to D1 at all. I tried for 1 hr to get the car to drive but it would not move. Finally after and hr. I could drive the car. 20 minutes later it started making a very high pitched whining noise when I accelerated it was the kind of noise like it was stuck in gear only it wasn't. When I let my foot off the gas the whinning noise stopped but I could hear a low rattle sound like it was coming from under neath the car. I tried again to switch to manual mode and it still wont switch it doesnt even register on the dash that it has switched to D1 it kept showing D. The check engine light is on but my gas cap broke 2 days ago and the light came on before I had a chance to replace the cap. I have since replaced the cap but the check engine light is still on.
I can't put more then $5 in the tank because it pours out fast.
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