2010 Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC Questions

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Went for NYS Inspection for my 2010 C300 4Matic and was told my OBD was not communicating with the inspection computer. They said my OBD was not powering on...beyond that they knew of the car runs perfect.....
I had my well maintained C300 4Matic with 197000 miles (well maintained).. sitting in the garage because I bought a new car and was planning to sell it. After a month- I turn it on and the CEL light is on. Code: p0300 It was in there with minimal gas and my roommate was turning my car on every few days to move it on the drive way and back so she could workout. She told me she never saw a light until I mentioned it. Could this be because the gas turned bad and is very low? I literally just got a B service done, oil change, and spark plugs/new tires right before I left it in the garage. Trying to sell this but need to figure this out first. Any thoughts?
the car lights will also come on even when the car is turned off and the lights are turned off
So what steps shoot i trouble shoot
years. Also, it has disabling front end damage in 2010, repaired by Mercedes. Should I buy
without service records and without bumper to bumper warranty for at least 3 months?
The manual only says to drive careful and to take it to the dealer. Is there something I can do?
I can turn it on and off but the brake lights still wont shut off. I believe it has to do with the brake light switch but i couldn't find it under the dashboard where the brake is. Any clue where its located or what is the real problem? I didn't want my battery to die out so i removed the bulbs in the back. is that okay also?
my navigation systems miss reads the current location of where my car is. Example if i am in nj it will read staten island.
dealer says valve stem seals
how to change the right side lower beam head light
I'm new here :)
Can anybody help with instructions, diagrams on how to replace interior bulbs and license plate bulbs?

Many thanks!
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