2011 Mercedes-Benz C300 Questions

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I am unable to read any of the details of the multifunction display during daylight and have been unable to find reference too increasing the brightness of the display either on line or in my manual.
What to do?
Error message come on that parking light is not working. I removed the bulb and it look fine but does not light up
I cannot locate this information in the owner manual.
Is this a good car?
the other day i was driving my car when from anywhere the brake pedal gets really heavy to stop the car, it does not goes down to stop the car fast three hours later it was fine. We have been serve the car for a problem in the front suspension where they supposed to remove front rotors and brakes , i think is air in the lines, and want to know the symptoms of this kind of trouble.
90,000 km. Vehicle is locked remotely and within seconds the trunk and doors locks open by themselves. This just started today. I disconnected positive battery terminal then reconnected but the malfunctioning locks still occurs.
what happened will it turn on when driven in water up to half my tires
When it works it is great but when is shuts down it blow RED hot air. The compressor is working but the tubes coming into the car are hot. My dealer says he can only fix it if it is not working when I take it in. I can start for the dealers service center and by the time I get there it is working fine. Anyone got any ideas. I have read a lot about MB AC's. They seem to have a history of not working right.

I don't find anything on the owner manual about that fuse,no information at all,even is not mentioned on the fuse diagram,every day I got the same problem,I bougth this car salvage,but it was wit very little damage on the front end,somebody can help me?dont know where can I find more info about this fuse,thanks
I would like to change parking light and license plate light by using led or xenon. But lot people said they got error message on dash board. Even they used a build in resistor bulb. Is that real. Any one had these problem? please help. How to fix it? Thank you..
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