2009 Mercedes-Benz C300 Questions

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Scanned with my OBD 2 and P0128 came up- Added coolant to changes. Any suggestions?
You disconect the computer and the disappear. Engine ligh remain on.
But next day car would not start. Any suggestions on what the problem is? I have checked all fuses and ok so that not it. Also checked battery ok just replaced it in March of this year. I'm lost
A day before it didn't turn on I had to turn the key more than usual, and usually my car turns on right away when I put the key and turn it a little but today it just didn't turn on! What can it be?
A tire blowout took a chunk of a the rubber hose in the rear passenger wheel well, according to Mercedes tech I need to replace the gas tank? Is it safe to drive (I understood the hose has a reverse valve preventing leaks) should it not be simpler to replace the hose? The gas tank suffered no damage, any idea of cost or part replacement?
By lifting the cover to the gear shift lever, I press the yellow square button and move the shift lever to drive and everything works OK. When I put it back into park, every is locked up again. How to correct this problem.
My car air conditioner has seized even though after testing the compressor is working. I get SRS error messages on the passenger side and the front full lights don't function anymore.
Do I replace the control gateway? How much would it possibly cost and where can I get a replacement please?
Chassis no. WDDF54X39R074206
where do i find the brake codes for my 09 w204 C300 'sport' sedan? I was told in the spare tire compartment,white strip with code on it, I just looked there, nothing there. I want to make sure I order the correct front rotor size and pads.( was told that some of my 'sport' models got 11.5" rotors and others 12.2"
urethane overspray covering entire vehicle
I had my windshield replaced and now when I drive the hood open warning is coming on.
When I push the switch to roll up the passenger side front seat window, it doesn't go up all the way as it should with one push of the switch. When I push it again, it goes up but then starts back down. It does this whether I push the switch on the driver control panel or the passenger side control panel.

About 3 month ago, i had my service and mechanic suggested to change tires. Sometimes i get the squeaking and humming noise when making turns in downhill.

Recently I hear humming noise when starting the car, especially in cold. If I move steering wheel left to right, the humming noise varies, but this noise disappears after 5-10 minutes of driving

I am planing to change tires, but was wondering if there is anything else I should be looking at
There is a clunk when shifting from reverse to drive in cold morning {first time start the car} ,if shift to reverse first and the shift to neutral for 3-5 seconds, then shift to drive and there's no clunk apparent. I took my car to the dealer, but they couldn't find this problem.
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