2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 Questions

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I just got a new battery installed last week, ran completely fine for a week and didn't drive it for a few days. Now it will turn over and the engine sounds normal just like how it normally would, but it then just shuts down. Couldn't get it to go into neutral to push it out for a jump, but was finally able to get it jumped and it still is doing the same thing, absolutely no change. There were car thefts in my parking garage the night before I wasn't able to start it, is it possible it could have something to do with the anti-theft being set off?
How often the problems occurs
The engine operates fine and the car still runs well.
my key doesn't always open on first try..battery light doesnt come on all the time car not making any noise or drive funny..lights inside are not dimmed..they dim on and off but its when the sky is getting dark
How much does it cost to replace the swirl flap linkage on a 2008 C300 Mercedes?
The monitor display screen in my 2008 C300 Mercedes will come on for a few seconds, then goes completely black. Don't want to replace the entire unit, cost too much. Need to know if anyone has had this problem and know what to do.
Air wouldn't come on I checked the motor blower the squirrel cage feels really loose like the whole thing is loose just happened todsy
65,000 miles and can't start it anybody have or had this problem?
What is the current price per litre when you are driving 25000 Km per year?
The car display started blinking for a few seconds and then went black. Does anyone know what to do and where to get whatever is needed. Thanks
The head rest cover has come loose, when I put it back in place a plastic piece fell out.
I'm the original owner with 56k miles. Had the problem late last year and replaced the battery. Twice in the last 2 weeks, the problem resurfaced. The alternator and the battery check out fine at the service provider, and there are no codes showing. The battery is 800 amps and went completely dead after sitting in the garage for 24 hours. I recharged the battery with a 10 amp charger (took all night). Sometimes a single parking light comes on for no reason, but that doesn't draw that much and should not have drawn 800 amps in 24 me solve the mystery?
This car is not as good as Mercedes had claimed, many small problems since I bought it new in sept. 2007 (2008) model
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