2007 Mercedes-Benz C280 4MATIC Questions

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The steering does not move
The failed exhaust camshaft solenoid is on the driver side cylinder head and also on the passenger side intake. I was told by a repair pal certified repair shop that this problem is under the recall by Mercedes Benz and would be repaired at a Mercedes Benz dealership.
repair work was done to my 2007 Mercedes c280. The code shows 02 sensors were swapped, or crossed up. Will this affect the computer and cause the cooler fan not to come on.
Trying to find starter and alternator wires to change them out. Shop said there grounded out and keep making the battery arc bad
cluster showed battery sign but my can can still run the light , engine are ok, my can only can move straight forward and backward, steering wheel can not move right or anyone can tell the problem, my family stuck in a hotel in usa, i need to solve the problem as soon as possible and go back to Canada.thank you!!!!
After spuddering I finally kicked into gear after alot of noise from engine. The large yellow warning sign flashed, but now nothing...
Will running the diagnostic port 24/7 burn out the elec system?
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