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the car does not raise but steam properly

we have change the actuator, change fuel pump, and yet the car refuse to raise but it steams very well
bought a new switch
The temp. hand inside the car stays in the middle, and raises up to 80 when the water leaks out the radiator. I believe I need a new radiator, cause I put water in my car two times a day. And my srs light is on too.
& Electrical socket, checked and tested all solenoids, replaced filter and fluid. Just need codes cleared. Dealer wants over $600.00 to clear faults!!! I laughed. Does anyone know where I can get a compatible Mercedes scan tool to erase codes on Transmission Control Unit. OBD II no good for this.
cost of replacing windshield wiper motor
Last week changed the oil and filter with mobile 1 synthetic, noticed a milky foam on cap and cleaned the cap. Today sitting at a light I saw a small amount of steam coming from the hood. I found antifreeze leaking but cant find from were. Oil cap has foam on it again. Runs great , no smoke from tail pipe.Oil on dipstick looks fresh. Im stumped. Need other ideas besides a bad head gasket or cracked head on how foam can get on that cap.Please
if not motor could it be lineage or just a screw
Today I went to pick up my car from the shop, it was originally in because the starter had failed, so I had it replaced... the total cost came out to be around $370 ,,, I thought it was bit too much but then again I'm no mechanic & unfamiliar in this category therefore I'd like to know someone else's opinion... the cost covered a diagnosed check,the starter, hourly works rate .
Before I left the shop. The mechanic mentioned , the suspension seemed to be damaged . He wasn't really detailed.. even though I asked how a bad suspension would effect my car drivability or if it was even drivable for that matter ... in response I pretty much received back "It is drivable, but I don't recommend long distances drive" I never received any straight forward answers that were crossing my mind, nor an estimate of how much it'll cost, having it repaired.... as I drove home in a 45-50 mph speed limit , after a couple blocks I immediately noticed it's cons, seemed only to be on the steering wheel , I experienced unpredictable unstable steering when reaching a specific amount of speed , that's when I immediately knew the vehicle in my opinion should not be driven due to the circumstances. Steering wheel is not aligned .. As precaution I drove no more than 40 mph... I do not want to drive the vehicle due to constant worriedness of the unexpected ... what are your guys opinion on this?? I know it may be a lot to read but for those who do take the time & patience , I highly appreciate it & would love to hear your thoughts upon topic..
one more thing,, I did notice a slight gap difference in the seconds it takes for the engine to start.... with the new starter it seems to take a second or 2 more for the engine to turn on . With the old starter that had previously failed , car immediately would start when turning the key ,,, is this normal for a new starter? Will it start up faster within time??
why such a wide range in prices, what am i looking for? and engine mounts, how many mounts does this vehicle requires?
the on/off control does not start a/c, but if i hit a bump or sudden movement, it will start blowing air, just air. not hot nor cold
up untill 3weeks seats were working fine, then all of sudden it stopped
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