1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 Questions

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FAULT [ERROR ] CODES P0700 , P0410 AND P0341 .
1 or 2 second response time when you push pedal to floor to pass what can be done to lessen time wait 1999 c280 sport thank you
rear power windows are not working and there seems to be no power getting to the trunk fuse box
my mercedes 1999 c280 hi temperature sensor cpmes on.
Where are fuses?
does the c280 take synthetic 5-40 oil - my oil light comes off and on.
My check engine light came on, the code is P0400.
Suddenly, the doors won't unlock, the trunk remains locked, the fuel door is locked, the sun roof doesn't work, no turn signals, and no windshield wipers. The metal portion of the key gets me into the car, and the ignition works so it can be driven. The lights and AC works, but that's it. What happened, and how do I fix it?
I don't have emotional ties to this car, but I don't have a lot to spend either ($5000 budget). I want something similar. Should I risk buying a used with lesser miles ($3500-$5000) not knowing the history of the car or do I replace the tranny and keep the one I have. Advise welcome
When I Put my key in There is a click under the steering wheel But it will not turn And it will beep occasionally
It clicks under the steering wheel when I put the key in and it sometimes beeps when I put it in too
Bought this used car and have had the hood pop up on me while driving, many times now. It does not happen all the time. Yesterday I had my 74 yr. old mom with me on a trip to Miami and it happened 3 times on the expressway at 75 MPH. Now it may not happen again for days or whenever.. That is what is so scary. It seems that there is no cause for it to release, and it is being securely closed after every incident.
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