1998 Mercedes-Benz C280 Questions

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Windows wont roll down or up could it be something electrical and how much would i be looking at to repair something like this?
Won't shift to 2,3,4. Car run good,strong,but won't shift.Cleared error code and check engine light went off. Wires ECU good tcu good,wow
Trans is in low gear,wont shift. I've changed fluid & filter. Engine runs fine. what can I do before taking it to a mechanic. I am a Marine Diesel mechanic and am familiar with trouble shooting Electronics.
When it trun the cat off all the water pores out
What should my temperature gage always be at? Currently it stays at 81-82 then turn on air condition it goes up to about 88. Is this normal?
They all quit at the same time last night. Checked the fuses any other ideas
no problems just wanting to know in order to prevent major financial and transportation (lack of)problems in the future...mine has 157,000
The car will start and then shut down immediately. I waited 10 or 15 minutes and it started fine and ran with no issues. I had just added a quart of oil and the car has 223,000 miles. I am using the extra flat key fob which sometimes comes out of the switch before I turn it completely off. Don't know if that may contribute.
The key does not work also to lock unlock.
Pail to lock, fail to close, fail to adjust.
I had a shop look at it but says its a motor , others say it's in circuit board w cracks in it . I checked both fuse locations in the front and trunk and nothing is blown out .
the ASR button on the dash is malfunctioning, what is its function
From under the hood
I could use a diagram of the fuse/relay box located under the hood and the description of what size/type of fuse or relay is used for.Thanks in advance for anyone helping.
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