1996 Mercedes-Benz C280 Questions

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I'm trying to find the right brake pads and when I called a parts store they asked me if it had traction control or not. How can I tell?
car won't keep running after battery swap
Obviously the brakes stopped working. So I lost control and wound up in an accident. Has anyone else ever had this problem.
When starting car it idles rough,and accelerates on its own. It idles rough when driving and sometimes stalls while at stoplight.
The engine accelerates and decelerates by itself. The tr/mn is between 5-15.
The air mass is new.
This happens every time full breaks are pushed.
It takes 2-3 min when the engine is hot.
said I have to set the code. The only thing appears on the screen now is the word WAIT. I have the code from my owners manual but I can't get the word WAIT to go away I bought this car new in 96 and there's nothing in all of my manuals that deal with this issue. Thanks.
I have a 96 c280 the instrument cluster has gone out had it fix broke again can this be a problem with fuel sending unit?

AC Compressor isn't coming on no voltage to it beforehand had it replaced along with the refrigerant temp sensor and the pressure sensor. The codes I'm receiving are: 230, 232, 233, 421, 422. Checked all fuses as well and the auto light stays on when attempting to run the ac. Could the instrument cluster cause these problems with climate control?
Trunk button near power windows, the key itself, or the remote on the key, wont open trunk. Nor can I lock the doors. Works fine in the ignition to start the car.
by a reputable garage SEVERAL times over the past few years. They work for a while and then sputter and stop. This will be our 4th relay replacement. Is this normal?
the sound is not constant and doesn't do it in reverse. when I turn the wheel to the left it sometimes will stop until I straighten the wheel.The car sat for a few weeks and when driven there was no noise for a few miles. Then it started and I jerked the wheel hard to the left and the noise stopped. what to do?
when the fuel tank is empty ,i can only pump 4 or 5 gals of fuel into the tank before it shuts off ,and wont let me pump anymore in.
It was dark out, all lights stayed on. The ets light on dash came on,I coasted into a parking lot when I tried to restart the red and green lights on the rear view mirror will flash, the key fob seems to work you press the button and the mirror red light will flash hit the button again the mirror green light will flash but when you put the key in and try to start the mirror red and green lights go to flashing and the car will not start, any ideas.
So i tool my car to get the a/c recharged at Midas. They told me that there was no power to the air compressor but they could energize it and the system would work just fine but there was nothing they could do for me, they believed it was an electrical issue that they couldn't do anything for. A/c blows warm air but the heater works fine.
you can hear the power when u turn the switch on but the wiper doesn't come on what do I need too do
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