1995 Mercedes-Benz C280 Questions

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Check engine light is on, but when scanned there are no problems indicated. The scan was done with a Snap-On scanner. What could be the cause of the light being on? The car runs fine, no problemsexcept for the warning light being on.
The outside temperature dasah lightbulb is burned out. What type of replacewment bulb do I need?

it cranks and idles snoothy but will not take gas if Ipush the gas pedal it will spit and spudder sometimes it will die eventually it will start taking gas and finally will run when you mash the gas pedal where it can be drive down the riad
It's appears a couple of drop of oil under the middle front of the car then a Lil more in the middle of the car muffler blow white smoke smell like oil check oil actually appears maybe a lil past full no white stuff on oil top car not over heating just bought my car c280 95 Benz 100,000 ml
need to know if its electronic or not
What I mean is My 1995 c280 Mercedes Benz can not raise or fire beyond 20 odometer at idle, please what could be the problem and the solution
i have to punch the button repeatedly before it opens or closes the door
I am contemplating taking this car to the Rockies Dec-April instead of 4x4 jeep GC and am wondering if it will be OK
car has not been started in two years. Put in a new batterey but no power to any systtem not even lights. Fuse problem? battery is good
Shops have said compressor is working and has refregerant.

for several years the center vents puch no air.
but when inside car I can push the master lock button and the doors want do anything. I hear a noise but nothing is happening
car parked for 6 months after computer failed.Replaced one then black smoke developed then replaced airmass sensor,sparkplugs,battery, then developed a rough idling sound.

AFTER driving for 30 minutes engine stops then after cooling starts again.Replaced Fuel pump makes hissing sound.what is the cause
are light switch and instrument cluster ground located behind cluster?
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