2005 Mercedes-Benz C240 Questions

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my rpm goes to 45-50 even tou my car speed is only between 35-40
Back turn signal and mirror turn signal work and dash signal lite blinks fast
The turn signal won't work either ...takes 2 sec and it's back to normal it happens sometimes numerous times - or only once
It happens each time I drive the car but when I stop and pack for like 20 - 30mins it picks again and after some time it won't accelerate again till I pull over again.
It happens on straight roads and very regularly
start new alternator battery is charged still getting check alternator battery
As if it had feathered tire tread on in and out sides but they are not
I get the turn signal flashing on the dash but not lights come on?
all the time.
Reconnected. Since then, warning light has come on a few times. This has never happened prior to disconnection. What else could have been effected? Thank you
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