2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 Questions

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Sometime it works sometimes it doesn't but the car starts and runs fine its just no ac, signal light, power windows, speedometer, gas gauge, sun roof and etc.
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
2.R tailight check neither of these are wrong on my car they work fine. How do i fix this?
Dash display shows park. Console shifter in park position. Car rolls forward and backward. No start.
first time
i drive car for 20 minutes, stop for 5 minutes. I try to restart, engine will not turn over. I hear no clicking or noise, but dash lights up. I wait 15 minutes car starts up?
Only during the cold winter months, the 2004 C240 has a morning starting problem. It sputters during the crank. When it starts, the car runs great and no problem restarting car. Now, in the morning, I turn the ignition on and let it sit for 15+ seconds and then start the car. So far, this has helped to start the car.
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