2003 Mercedes-Benz C240 Questions

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I sprayed the switch and it will work for awhile then quit or spay the key fob and it might work for awhile
Happens all the time
My radio has very poor reception and my remote door locks don't operate. I saw a posting on a Mercedes forum that the communication bar needs to be replaced.
Since my car would not pass state inspection dealer told me I needed a new computer,as my computer will not read,as I had company trying to fix windshield leak got water inside of my car flooded carpet and dripping down from up under dash
Take many attempts to open.
Just put a new fuel pump on after it sat for 3 weeks. It won't start, the fuel filter has never acted up before, no rough idle or anything. Can't get the fuel up to the fuel rail on the motor.
Why is my cluster LCD screen blank
Turning it off or is there a code I was not in accident
Is thete a code or a trick to it
1st time. passenger side. the bulbs are good and working.
I get no warning. It could be driving fine and suddenly it shifts to a different gear.
This is the first time it has happened. My car can't start anymore.
I have a 2003 c240 the check engine light comes on and brakes and abs and the visit workshop sign i belive esp as well. The gear is locked in park and will not move unless with a screw deiver. When the car did turn on it only drove like 5 mph with the screw driver. But would when put back on park would get stuck again. But now the car doesnt turn over the fan just comes on and the radio and all the lights but doesnt crank or start. Please help..
Please help been trying to figure out problem for a while
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