2002 Mercedes-Benz C240 Questions

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The multifunction display in my C240 2002 does not give me any information when the car sits in the sun and heats up the dash. What is the cost of a replacement?
Stalled then cut off at light replace fuel pump fuel filter 1week prior and replaced crankshaft position sensor 2weeks prior when problem first occurred was working fine until yesterday stalled and cut off at the light again it was hot outside answers anyone?
For instance using a part from w 204 on a w203 chassis, steering Knuckle passenger side, are they interchangeable?
If car is in hi temp outside it will not start until late in evening when temp has cooled off,I have spoken with local merc dealer and he has never come across this prob
The car will start and run for about a minute rough and then die after a minute
Key unlocks and locks doors nothing happened when put in ignition
The problem occurs everytime I stop at the red light. Why does car come back on after seem like its going turn off?
Problem just started recently. My windows won't roll down. Key won't even turn our control designated functions.
I started to hear that noise from the rear of my car , I set it in jack stands and put it in gear and it sounds like if the noise is coming out from the differential,but my body says it's one drive shafts bearings I'm confused.
I have a P0442 Evaporative emission system leak detected(small leak)
P0455 major leak in purge control system
And a P0221 throttle/pedal position switch b circuit range/performance
Thank you
inserting key
does not turn
turns engine does not start
turns engine starts instrument panel displays do not work
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