2001 Mercedes-Benz C240 Questions

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Never happen
When I cleat the computer it work for 5 mins then it stops working
What is the working engine temperature for c230 kompressor model
I was told I need a new EIS sensor because the key won't turn sometimes and my door locks from key fob work only 50% of the time
Have recently changed the battery, crank sensor and both upstream and downstream 02 sensors and am getting the ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program) reading. Car won't crank sometimes but will after I have let it rest for a half hour or more.
Car begins turning over then stops . Happens intermittently . Could be a couple of things including fuel relay, fuse or crank sensor.
thaat can happen because my vehicle only take full synthetic
Gauges ,rpm,speed, gas all go dead. The radio turns off. The cat still drives. But there is a sound from engine like a fan picking up speed. I have to pull over put car in park
park, turn ignition off and pull out the key. I will put the key back in turn ignition and start the car. It starts just like normal. Sometimes it happens once or twice in maybe 30 minutes , sometimes it will hapoen numerous times back to back!!
I need new fuel pumps for my c240 Mercedes year 2001. The dealer wants close to $1700 and according to my research this is very high. Can someone please estimate the cost of parts for changing both fuel pumps and the other parts that may be needed. And how much for labor? I was told that they are buying two fuel pumps for $300 and $600 and then they have the rings etc they need to buy. This seems high and then they want $700 for labor? Anyone agree, this is very high for labor??
My vehicle is not moving, it starts well, but the accelerator pedal is not accelerating the car. I do not know where is the problem coming from; 2 mechanic checked, but were not able to find the problem
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