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How long have you had this problem? 1 week
vehicle ran out of gas, when put more gas in would not crank and service department says could be 1 or 2 injectors or fuel pump
Need to know how to open my trunk of 2007 Mercedes c230 with no keys
The radiator fan was running but it will not come on but the car won't run hot.
Last 3 days when I start car it just turn over but won't start, first day it took 5 times before it started then had no problem running. 2nd day it took 7 times before it started and after starting had no problem starting. 3rd day it took 7 times car ran fine, couple hours later tried to start and it just turned over. Tried repeatly thru out the afternoon even jumped it off still wouldn't start. Next day was going to have it to owed and it started right up. What would cause the car to act this way?
I have a 2007 C230 and there's this knocking sound coming out of the passenger side and I'm having trouble figuring out what it is.

most of the time, i would hear the knocking sound when i press down on the breaks (coming to a complete stop) and when i go over road bumps i would hear a loud knock coming out of the front right side of my car. sometimes i would hear it when i turn my steering wheel all the way to one side.

I took it to a couple of mechanics and no one could figure out what the problem is. some people recommended that i change my sway bar link. so i went ahead and replaced the sway bar link on the right side but that didn't fix the problem.

i would really appreciate if someone could help me with this
When I start up the car, I can feel it jerk once put into Reverse or Drive gear. When I accelerate, it's stuck on 1st gear and the RPM is ramping up towards red line.
Driver side running light stays on after car is shut off
The problem occurs every time we put gas in the car.
I need to repair these to pass inspection.
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