2006 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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I heard to Valve body is a one time flash to the vin. Is this true?

Of shredding

How long do I have to replace it

How many control arms does a c230 2006 mercedes use in the rear ?

When key is inserted in ignition everything (radio, lights, dash lights) works but key will not turn!! Sterling wheel is not locked up or in a bind, and the car is all the way in park. Replaced batteries in key fob and still nothing. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

I checked for leaks on the ground and there weren't any. The smell gets so intense that I have to turn my heat off completely and open car windows to rid the smell. Upon my visual inspection under the hood,I noted some liquid on what appears to be the exhaust intake? What could be the cause/part needing replacement and costs associated with this repair? Please advise and thank you in advance.

I just got code p0015 this morning (12/07/14). It read: "B Camshaft Position Timing Over-Retarded? Bank 1. I just want to know if this is a Mercedes recall.

Car is well maintained.

2006 c230 sport 1180000 miles location of crankshaft position sensor

What part is likely causing the smoke and/or failure of a/c to cool, though it blows just fine. heater works. engine runs great. I was going to try to recharge the refrigerant, but just running the a/c on high for a few minutes caused the dark, rubbery smoke: no weird noises, can't see any moving parts, but it's coming from deep under the engine on the passenger mech exper.. afraid to take it in, b/c of price, trying to