2005 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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What side is the fuel pump on and where is it located at? Is it in the trunk or up under the car
What are the causes of oil getting into the coolant reservoir. Short of replacing the engine what should I have checked first. My mechanic doesn't think it's a head gasket, and has recommended a engine replacement.
I replaced the low beam bulb after system message that it was out.
I took the car in to get the alternator changed out after getting a diagnostic on the battery and the alternator which stated no power from the alternator. The battery was fine after recharging. After they installed it, all of a sudden the starter is not working anymore.
Sometimes my car gets stuck in park. I have to shut the car completely off. Then restart it. Sometimes, I have to repeat these steps two to three times before it will work. Why does this happen?
the car sound is heavy while driving
Been running for 2 days after the new alternator. Fuses all ok. when I put the key (with new battery) I don't hear the sound like a zip.
Please, a little help of my friends .
Will there be any more problems
after bringing my car to my Mechanic he check it out with his computer he said all is good .today after a long drive the info board on the dash ask me to add a 1/4 of oil , i have 109.000 no smoke or anything am i leaking oil somewhere ..
I have change it three times and after a while (2 to 3 weeks) it keeps making terrible sound when on load, like air condition is on or is on drive in traffic when on stop
I have a wrecked C230 with a perfect transmission, and I saw this E320 that has a bad transmission, I found it for $800. I was wondering if I would be able to switch the Transmission from my C230 to the E320.
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