2004 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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The wire broke off under my front bumper. Now my fan always runs and my a/c went out right after. Any idea on the cost to fix? I did as much research as I could and it's supposed to be a b12/2 wire or something. I just need it fixed.
when driving it starts off fine then a sound like the supercharger can be heard and it not the supercharger regular sound it constant and annoying buzz and then the rpm goes up quickly when trying to picking up speed and goes down to 30 and then the car won't drive and it start to decrease in speed until pullover then i can drive on the rode.
another note is that i let my friend drive my car and he was switching the comfort and speed mode while driving a lot.
I have never had any problem with the key switch, but Saturday i turned the key switch and i got this short "cli" not even a full click into the motor turning over. I tried turning it back to the starting position and repeating the process of starting it again and this time no click, nothing. I tried troubleshooting like unhooking the battery in efforts of resetting the computer. And still nothing. I was told that when these cars need maintenance done to it the car will automatically shut down after the mileage has exceeded. Well, there's little wrench that pops up on my display window indicating that the maintenance is due in another 700 miles. Is this at all true because I really need help on this one.
What should be the first things i should check, to make this a trustworthy car for my daughter. Owner said never any problems, had for 10 yrs.
Couple of weeks, my car just cut off without warning. I have the power steering pump replaced; the starter and alternator have checked out to be fine. As well as the battery! Please help
The gear box was leaking oil at the harness
it started when battery&alternator light came on.bought new battery wasn't that.bought new alternator and car worked for three weeks then battery$alternator light came on again. had diagnosed and came up alternator was not working.alternator was under warranty got new one.had a mechanic put new alternator on and he didn't put timing belt on correctly.he tried to start it and it tried to turnover then it shut off and i saw a little smoke come from under hood.i smelled a burnt smell and car would turnover at all.checked all fuses and replaced starer relay.still nothing.mechanic stated that nothing that he did caused this but that maybe the starter burned out.bought new starter and got new mechanic.put new starter on and still no engine mechanic stated that starter was not getting he jumped car to bypass starter and engine turned over but shut right what?
Some idiot has broken the knobs off the old unit so badly that new knobs will not repair the problem.
I have purchased a replacement module (used).
I need R&R instructions. This is a coupe.
Also have a Driver power door lock problem. Knob rattles and spins when pressing remote lock, but will not lock.
there is an oil leak from the electrical harness that goes into the gearbox just above the gearbox sump. what needs to be changed?
When look at live data on my code reader under fuel system 1 it gives me a CL Fault when I give it the gas. What is it and what causes it?
car fails to light up the dashboard and cannot start
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