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I half to wiggle the key in ignition every time im trying to start it if i take it out put it back in same thing every time please help
If car is cold you drive down the road then the transmission stops working no gear's and you hear a whistling sound
i am getting misfire codes also p0140 p0170 and p0172 i changed my DS O2 sensor about a year ago because i was getting p0172 and circuit/voltage codes for bank 1 sensor 2 after i changed the O2 sensor everything was ok but few months later p0170 p0172 and misfires showed up and the last to show up after all the other codes was p0140 so im thinking something from the other codes is making the no activity code show and ideas anyone?? car runs ok but losing little power, hesitating up hills, bad smelling exhaust, and when floored car hesitates and begins to misfire once misfiring if i turn the car off and right back on then its back to running ok with no missing only if i punch it will start it missing...thank you very much for any help!!!
left on idle for an hour and it started to steam. no visible leaks. not overheating
car it ran for a min then just died and wont start back up it cranks but no fire plus my dash says 1 malfunction and 2 malfunction
Car does not start. Key turns on battery and all electronics work fine. Battery has been tested and is good. Car doesn't make a sound when key is turned to start. Car wouldn't switch gears with the battery on, until the battery was disconnected for ten minutes and reconnected. Is it the Starter? Solenoid? I heard something about a neutral safety switch...
I must refill water in coolant resivoire regularly is it a bad thermostat, just an eroded gasket around the houseing, a temp sensor or a water pump? Help
fuel pump and filter replaced by dealer noies stil comes and go's
I struggle when start sometimes motor sounds right and sometimes it sounds like two or three selinders motor does not perform like it needs to
Panoramic sunroof rattle. Sunroof completely closes, sunroof motor starts rattling then sunshade doesn't close.
The other day. The wife parked the car at work.

She said it did not want to start. I checked it out and brought my OBD reader. It threw out some codes of concern initially for the CAMSHAFT Sensors.

I had it towed to a nearby shop and they said the CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSORS had some oil on them and to have them replaced.

I towed the vehicle home because I did not want to pay the crazy labor to have sensors replaced.

I went ahead and replaced the CAM sensors, and nothing!!!

Still back to square one.

I also had my neighbor come by for a second opinion. First thing he checked was the Fuel pump. Also nothing. No humming or noise showing indications that fuel is being distributed.

That is the last time we troubleshoot'D the car. I am stuck and don't know where else to check.

I did a lot of reading and checked the MB Forums. It seems that a lot of issues with this car is pointing towards the CPS.

Please help!
alternater is fine . afer it sit's awhile after driven some noise comes from the passengerside and we disconnect the battery so it won't drain it
Replaced the alarm box at the dealer but still occurs, it has been to two different shops and no one can find a problem, any ideas?
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