2002 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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Can’t find brake light switch on 2002 mb c230 kompressor coupe. Does it have one? Do I have to take the dash off to find it? Took bottom panel off but can’t locate it. I ordered a new one and looked at YouTube videos for other mb models but no luck. Don’t want to remove dash if it doesn’t even have one.
it doesnt seem like it has the power it used to
Every time I start my car and drive, the warning sign "battery/alternator" pops up. What is that mean? My car looses power after it's driven for a while. Please help!!!!
my sun roof makes a terrible noise and wont close electronic or manually
My car sat for a nth or so battery was dead bought new one put it in and it makes no sound at all but will not start! The lights , windows and radio all work, but it will not start? Can't find my manual, have searched the web for answers can't find any no blown fuses. No codes! Please help!!!
Battery was dead from sitting. Bought new one and went to start all lights come on the radio comes on, but the car won't start? Have looked online for answers. Saw to reset key by holding bottoms down on windows? Not much help. Can't find manufactures hand book. Please help!
i have a 2002 mercedes benze c230 yesterday while driving a red error message illuminated on my dashboard indicating an oil pressure warning, it says release oil pressure. i had the oil changed and filter replaced almost 2 months problem with the car until now. what is the cause of this error?and should i be concerned since i still drive the car.should this be an immediate fix,the car still runs fine
I got this car for my daughter yesterday. The panoramic sunroof wasn't working and the seller said it must've been a fuse because he'd used it that morning. Anyway, after checking & confirming all fuses were good, I took a peek at the components. They were all disconnected. So, I connected them & gave it a shot. The sun shades worked fine. The sunroof just makes a horrible noise. The left side of the motor is turning to no avail, the right side is stationary. I'm assuming that the right side is the rear glass & its waiting for the front glass to open, but thats just a guess. Anyway, after that... I can't crank it. It tries, but never catches. Plus the BRAKE, CHECK ENGINE, DTR, SRS, ABS, car inside red triangle & exlamation point inside yellow triangle are all lit up like Christmas time. I figured maybe the malfunction in the sunroof was causing the issue and disconnected everything again. But, its still not cooperating. What gives?
Don't know difference between a sway bar or differential just need to know I was told that it's not my shocks
194,000 miles, changed fuel filter, air and oil, CEL is on, engine does not always stop, no response from gas pedal, local shop could not read codes. I thinking fuel pump is going, going, gone at the worst time. Any suggestion?
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