2000 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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I have had this issue for 3 months , I have read every question , on every forum about this , and I have replaced a lot of parts in agreement that it would work .
New alternator
Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Map sensor
Crank sensor
Cam sensor
Spark plugs
Ignition coils
Changed vacuum lines
New key
Throttle body
Checked fuses
Got fuel going to the rail
I am extremely lost and can't seem to think of anything else to do . If there is anyone out there , anyone at all that can help , I'm begging for it . Thanks .
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No change in crank or anything when parts were replaced . It did fire once when i replaces the spark plugs and ran for about 2 minutes and died .
How long have you had this problem? 3 months
need to refill ac
What seems to make the problem better or worse? hot weather
How long have you had this problem? all summer
When l put key in ignition l can't get it to turn except every now and then. When key will turn you have to turn to start position, turn it back to off then back to start then it will start. What is wrong with what I'm doing or is it the ignition and what can l do?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I just bought the car and privious owner is kind of usef to it.
How long have you had this problem? He says about 2 years
I got an estimate to replace the compressor and belts for $1,325 - is this a fair cost?
I think I know but is the coolant temperature sensor located about 4" towards passenger side along same housing as the thermostat?
Get code 442 pertaining to evaporate syst but light will not reset
When I parked and went inside it was okay. Had to boost it off when I tried to re-start it. Drove about five miles and parked in my garage. Turned it off and tried to re-start it(no luck). Let it sit over night and it started right up the next morning. I am hesitant about driving it, because I don't know when it is not going to start.
No pattern. Happened 2-3 times over a month. Outside temp in 70's, no rain. Battery drained unless car is driven in 2-3 days. Parked in office lot during day when this happens.
Besides the cold & wet this happens without pattern. Locks can be relocked, lights turned off but in 10 seconds or 10 minutes it may happen again.
At first, I would turn the steering wheel all the way left, then all the way right, and shut off the engine for about a minute, then when I turned the engine back on, the "BAS-ESP" light was off. But now, the light stays on, no matter what I do. Even with this warning light on, the car seems to run just fine. Should I worry and stop driving the car? What does this "BAS-ESP' mean?
the motor on the windsheild is not completly out because u can hear it and also it goes halfway then gets stuck in the middle
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