1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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i try to start it wnt start i jus
had my gas line repar but wen i start it no gas leakin
The motor sounds like it is working but wiper is stuck on left side. When manually moved towards the center the motor takes over but gets stuck again on the left side. I have already greased vertical sliders under the middle cover, but it is still not working.
my supercharger is making noise like a bearing going bad and was this rebuildable or do I have to replace it? and who in the Portland Oregon area rebuilds these?
My car runs rough when at stopped at red light, idle speed is very rough. Check Engine light is ON. Scanner tool displays P03. Mechanic says #3 exhaust manifold is leaking air causing rough idle. What repair job is required to fix this problem? Is this exhaust manifold gasket replacement? Thanks Bill
these two lights on the dash are on
cost of repairs
will not shift out of second gear. check engine light stays on
hi, i'd like to know which kind of oil for gearbox need to put for Mercedes C-230 kompressor 1999 year? Thanks!
I have changed the battery and checked the key communication. The back windows come down slightly when the car does start. After the car has set for 30 minutes or so it starts. What could cause this?
My 1999 C230 kompressor wont start sometimes. I have changed her battery, checked my starter and alternater which is good. I have even replaced her relay switch. If i leave her for about an hour or so she will start right up.. What could be her problem..?????? help any suggestions.....
Check engine came on about the time I was due for an emission inspection. Vehicle failed emission due to code P0170. Found a vacuum leak and changed a worn hose. I also changed the Fuel pressure regulator and the Mass Air flow Sensor (aftermarket part), reset the computer and drove the vehicle for 150 miles over 4 days. The car still wont pass emissions inspection.
Emission computer states Catalyst Not Responding and some other thing. HELP, my registration is about to expire and I cannot renew my registration without an emission inspection PASS.. please respond to
Diodes for the odometer started going out and now the clock is goin bad. Car runs fine other wise. Speedometer and other lights all seem to be fine. Have about 140,000 miles on it What is the estimated cost to fix
after putting head gasket on what is the timing that you set it on
on a 1999 slk 230 mercedes kompressor(inline).keeps cutting off.if you sit there for a min you can sometimes start it back up.yhe other day cut off again would not start.turned over but would not start.(question cam/crank sensor)any ideas.thanks
always produce warm air in all conditions, never cool air
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