1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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(1) My mercedes benz c230, 1999 model consumes much fuel as much as half tank and more on a journey of three hours at speed range of 140-150. what could be the cause?(2). What does the lever just on top of the trafficator lever work for? (3). What does the botton written w&s on, close to the gear lever or gear shift work for?
I'm in the process of buying this car I got a really good deal on it, and so far I know it was rear ended recently the previous owner had it taken to to get the damaged body fixed but when he got it back, they started it but didnt drive it the next morning they went to go start it and it would crank but not start? We were able to start it with a can of starting fluid also and the car would start then after a short period cut back off. We went ahead an changed the fuel filer but still having the same problem ?
Would this problem be the bulbs. I checked the fuses and they're OH.
disconnected immobiliser but problem has continued. IT is actually a C200 MercBenz 1999 model.
Each time I start the engine, it will run for a while, then suddenly goes of with all features on dash board becoming on. immediately I try to restart the engine, it just crunks but do not start; hours later, the engine starts.
don't have key to door locks.
Does my car have an egr?
I have a 1966 MB 600 with transmission problems ( no reverse and jumps into gear and out or gear. The shifter also is loose . Can you help , please email to
Use to open just fine with remote and the key, now the remote would wont work but still locks and unlocks all doors, panic button works. I have tried to open with key but wont even open.
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