1997 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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just bought car. And has no owner manuel, cant figure out why the abs light is on. Anyone know? HELP :)
Kick panel is remove and do access to lock cylinder is there a release pin to remove it from the steering column
Dealer: rough shift only on 3 to 2 downshift. Found transmission fluid dark. "performed short test, found stored code for selector lever is implausible, communication with engine module, and reverse/park lock solenoid fault" <- don't understand this. Normally would recommend a valve body, but mileage is high. Not confident will fix shift issue without cause clutches to slip. Best replace entire transmission.
The ac works fine, but as soon as I take the highway and drive 60 mph the ac shut off. When I slow down and take an exit the ac resumes working. Help
What is causing this problem?
The car has trouble accelerating and does not select gear,the lights are deam.
The wipers were worked on only to find out the wiper motor and the switch were fine. It was the hydraulic arm. It was after all was put back together that the air bag light would not go off.
the car. What could be causing this problem? Thank you.
Grinding occurs when turning the steering wheel left or right. Could this be the tie rod?
Need to change fuel filter. Can't find where it goes.
Acts as if not getting fuel- sputters- Starts but can't accelerate. Ran perfectly before we changed battery
sat for a little over a year. put new battery in and all electrical comes on but not a sound when I turn the key. I want to start with checking the starter. Any little secrets that I should know about before I dig into that area. I just bought the car, so I'm not the one who let it sit
shake and shutters shuts off
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