1996 Mercedes-Benz C220 Questions

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I went on a trip last week, all of a sudden it was working. I stopped to get gas, when I started the car to leave the gag station it wasn't working again. the digital milage and trip odometer along with lights work fine. Where do I start, the radiator was replaced recently.
i had a blowout on the rear passenger side and did alot of damage i have replaced the bent and broken parts.
fuel gauge does not work,move slightly on start-up ,then nothing. interior lights dont come on anytime. gauge cluster illumination lights dont come on anytime. all fuses are good.any leads on related relays and there locations, trouble shooting tips etc. would be greatly appressiated
i have a 0411 code
I took a smog test and I failled. NOT because of my emissions but because my transmition error code was registering
The battery is fine, it is not the starter or the alternator. I had been having some issues with the door locks and now key will not unlock the door either manually or remotely.
replaced Water pump on the car because it had been leaking and could have possibly overheated, but nofor long. There is no no coolant mixed with the oil, in the engine. Also what should compression be the car won't start now seems it lost compression.
Also the battery is in good condition. and everything else is okay on the car.
My Check engine warning lamp is not working properly/would not illuminate during smog check.
i will like to have it repair at a dealer shop in fayetteville north carolina. what has happen the light for the engine has been on, it was diagnosis lower intake flow valve, MB 1996 c220 4 cylinder, or what detergent can i use to clean the valve. thanks for your advise norton c. campbell
What is the drive cycle to reset the computer on a 1996 mercedes benz c220
6 sensors that are required to be read are turned off an won't pass the emissions test, how do I get them back on.
While driving over a small bump slowly or a manhole cover, etc. I hear a faint noise. Do I need shocks? What should I pay
When pushing the turn signal bar up to make a right turn, the turning signal works intermittently.
Out of nowhere the switches on the main console that operate the front windows don't work to make the windows go down. I can open the windows using the key in the door so I know that the motors for the windows work. Also if I open the windows from the outside I can put them back up using the switches. Since I don't open my back windows often I was wondering if their was a way to replace the non working switches with those from my back windows that do work, Plus u would still be able to open the rear windows from the backseat switches. If not could I simply replace those no working switches with just a generic toggle switch from radio shack instead of having to buy the entire set of console switches from mercedes. Basically trying to figure out the cheapest way to remedy the problem ans buying new switches is definitely not the was to go.
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