1996 Mercedes-Benz C220 Questions

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Hello. Again, I have a 1996 mercedes benz C220. It has 250,000 miles on it. And its fan belt keeps coming off. I thought it might have been the belt; so I purchased a new one. And then I put it back on; but it came off again within few seconds. Can someone tell me how I can fix this? Please? Thank you very much.
Catalyst, egr and 2nd air are the 3 test the computers not performing, on a 1996 there can only be 2. Ive tried the drive cycle a couple times but its still not passing.i need to smog vehicle. What can I do?
temp gauge shows normal temp 60%, pegs out in red or a little below 120c 40% of running time. When 120c or in red, front 2 fans run and a/c temp gets warm, but motor temp shoes normal with laser temp gauge. Have replaced 2 temp sensors and related parts. I think there is a short between gauge and sensor. No rime or reason to when it acts up, cold- hot - wet - dry, etc. help
It reverses just fine but in drive it has a harder time and I feel like the gears are not grabbing.
I have to rev the engine pretty high for it to finally move then when it does it feels like its dragging.
I have a leak somewhere at the back of the motor it runs down the side of the bellhousing it's coolant but I can't see where it's from.

Does anyone know how to fix it or how much it costs? Thanks
front an do the front of the compressor turn.
when I tried starting it would not pick up, why?
The sensor was reading it was overheating and the ca was cool to touch for over a month. Suddenly, the boiling is heard very shortly after starting the car. Strong smells of anti-freeze and white smoke coming from the right side near the wind-shield. This is no where near the water PumP, thermostat, or radiator. Its closer to the reserve. Dont see any aPParent leakage. What could this be? The hood is still cool to touch!
oil water mix overheating
can't open the trunk.
Does the system need bleeding if so where from thanks woody
tried to recharge system however still wont engage
Can't get it to pass smog because 3 "Not Ready" indicators are showing on the OBD II. I ran the car for ~ 800 miles over the past week still no reset
Last week engine turned over but would not start, but then did. Happened again this week and Autoelectrician not MB expert but tested sparking. OK. All lights working, not battery. I read it could be remote batteries getting old and not reading code so followed advice and car started. (Happy!) Then today car just died and came to a halt while driving. Had to tow home. What could this be?
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