1996 Mercedes-Benz C220 Questions

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After got it too stop, now security is on and wont start, the dash is on luke the key is in it???
Has new battery and fuel pressure and fuses relays are ok just won't stay running what could it be
The passenger mirror assembly is broken
hello i have 1994 C200 mercedes benz the right turn signal is not working thanks
Recently installed used engine
thats all i need to say
Car had been sitting awaiting new battery which I got.Neighbor said gas was old and something called seafoam was added.Car srove to work fine but after 12hr shift on way home unbearable alarm went off about 10min then stopped
I opened my trunk one day without opening car and now my car only locks using key in trunk. My keys do work to unlock and turn car on, they just won't lock car.
speedometer cluster not working
took it to a special shop for diagnosis he made it worse seven codes jumped up he said sorry cant fix your car.He literally threw me out.
Sometimes when I start the car all the instructment cluster work and then they will just stop working
Ok so if i turn my heat on i hear a noise under the pass side however no heat blows out unless im driving and i presume thatas the hear coming off of the engine. I bought a new blower motor but i want to ensure thats the issue. Also if anyone has any instructions on how to install i was told it was fairly easy.

ok next thing my gas needle does not work all the time.
the cruise control dosent work anymore

lastly what type of oil do i put in it. i actually went to the dealer and they said 10w30 during the winter becasue its not as thick.. however, they couldnt tell me for sure.

any assistance is appreciated
I have a new compressor ready to go in, but I was curious to see if it was something more simple wrong before I install it. The system is completely charged but the AC clutch will not engage. I put a gauge on the low pressure side and it pegged the needle past the red zone side. Could it be a bad clutch or a relay or something else. Please advise. Thanks for your your help.
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