1995 Mercedes-Benz C220 Questions

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How do I fix it?
I change the battery on it. But the battery light is on while I drive but goes away while I'm driving then comes on again when I starts OK AC works radio works .funny thing is WEN the battery light turns on also that ABS one does to then the abs goes away with battery light when I'm driving
when I activate the AC the car won't speed up properly
The temperature gauge, did go up while I was parked, I did hear a fan running, to cool the engine, I noticed just a little water on the ground when I backed out no coolant color though.
where is it? Pls. illustrate
code P0325 - knock sensor 1 circuit bank 1 or single sensor
I have cleaned the drain plugs put the best I could but whenever it rains or I go through the car wash the water instead of draining outside the car in drains into the passenger side floor. The whole blower motor and cabin air filter boxes are getting filled with water and I can hear electric shock noises from the blower motor wires. Please help me I already spent 550 dollars on a new blower motor and its not even a year old. Thank you
When I shift car into reverse it doesn't engage trans. I have to go past reverse into neutral first, then back to reverse to engage trans. Samething with Drive. I have to go past drive into 2nd gear then back to drive for it to engage in drive.
I have replaced the blower fan resistor. My reasoning for thinking vacuum or stepper motor is I have no air coming out of any vents regardless of which direction i choose. I accessed the diagnostics of the climate control system and all of my codes relate to flap or valve positions.
both of my headlights are out with the low beam both high beams work, I've change both bulbs and they still do not work I even changed the fuse's any answers would be appreciated
When it is cold and im driving, the car makes a noise (similar to a bearing noise) when i back off the gas pedal. It stops when i push the gas again. when it is warm (over 30-40 degrees F) it does not do it and it seems once the car is warmed up it stops. any ideas of what the issue is. I changed the front wheel bearings thinking that was the issue. The Car had sat for 9 months to a year when i got it it runs and drives great just this one thing that drives me crazy.

thanks for your help.
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