1993 Mercedes-Benz 500SL Questions

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The other lights in the dash all seem to work fine. I have checked the fuses but found nothing that would be the easy fix. When the sun is behind me I can see the display, but otherwise I can. The information is correct, I just cant see it.
roll bar also has red light on

does it make a diff on what type hydraulic fluid use
Anti towing security feature. I suspect it affects the starter after a rear end collision into this car.
if i let the car sit the battery will drain in 4-5 days-i tried hooking up a meter to the battery in series pulling 1 fuse at a time didnt see anything that would cause the draw bad ground?
the roll bar went up on its on will not go down activating switch
to fix. car starts beautifully. rev's are low when at stop light. sometimes car cuts out not often. changed base control unit, and accelerator throttle, and air sensor as codes read but no luck. what happening?
also wanted to know if car should of been recalled?
please help
thank you
Engine is in good condition and has 100,000miles
drove for first time this year and engine siezed . ran fine then went to restart and siezed.removed spark plugs and belt and still siezed.Oil and coolant good.No visable problem under valve cover.
Ran fine minute before. ent to restart and engine seized. Oil OK Coolant good .starter and battery good .Took belt off and still seized
I have a dashboard problem and want to change it. However i've been told that it will afeect the opening/closing and hydrolic system of the top. how true is that?
The catalytic converter was replaced at 77k miles and has failed again at 81k Miles. Intake is hotter than exit. The throttle body was just replaced under warranty (on a 93?... I took it and ran). What issues could cause the cat to fail under such low mileage condition?
The year my car was produced is not an option in the year column, I have a 2001 500 sl mercedes benz. The radio is requiring a code. Where do I find the code?
do you have to reset anything when you change the main battery?
My convertible top does not open automatically (it leaks hydraulic fluid). We manually opened the soft top and placed the hardtop securely in place yet the alarm sounds constantly during acceleration.
How do I disengage the alarm?
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