1992 Mercedes-Benz 500SL Questions

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Also the drivers window won't go up or down
The carfax report shows 107,016. I suspect the odometer has been replaced. Your thoughts?
It runs rich once it starts. It has to wait about 10 minutes after turning off the car before it starts. I think the FI system is metering incorrectly (rich).
Nor do the 2 buttons under it. All the other buttons work.
mysteriously on & off , all different time frames ,,, also when car is on ' then was stopping for weeks , now seems to be constant !!! i changed the headlight switch thinking it had to do with european funcions to the left of dial switch , but to no avail , i am stumpped aswell as alot of motorheads and mechanics that have looked at it ": i cant be the only one with this problem
but is very hard to turn. There is on hole in tumbler to stick a wire to release it.
I just got this 500SL. I bought it with the check engine light on. I have access to an OBD 1 computer but don't know where to find the connection. I also will need a list of the trouble codes.
mercedez benz dealer said its leaking
list of all recalls
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