1991 Mercedes-Benz 500SL Questions

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little glovebox above radio will not open. is there a secret
I just replace A/C climate control until, no change. I was thinking heater control value dirty or needs replacing, or monovalue. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
I don't have turn signals or emergency flashers and wiper doesn't shut off
causing this problem. Or is there a secret I don't know.
All of my interior dashboard lights are not working but the fuse is fine. Any suggestions?
This is new/rebuilt transmission that started shifting very hard from 1s to 2nd and now won't shift from 3rd to 4th. I feel like my mechanic is trying to get out of fixing his mistake.
How can this be fixed or what could be the underlying issue?
it will start and run fine till gets to operating temp then stalls and is hard to start till it cools off . I replaced the crank position sensor and still have the problem . Is there something else I have missed ? Possibly the cam sensor
the Vacuum Gauge that tells miles per gallon.. all just stopped at one time could it be a fuse ? Only the temperature Gauge is working.
I recently recharged the battery and after putting it back on the roll bar came up of its own volition,i have lights windows and heater,no indicators can lock and unlock by remote lights flahing like indicators on instruments but no gauges and will not restart can anyone help please,this is my first R129 after many faultless SLKs
Ithink it may be out of sync roll bar has come up and I can use the remote for locking& Unlocking however I have windows and nothing else
Hard top and everything else works well and in sync have checked
hydraulic fluid in bootwell any suggestions please,thanks
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