1990 Mercedes-Benz 500SL Questions

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Car runs okay after starting it feels like it is flooded
I have a 1976 450-SL that came out of 7yr storage. The oil, gas, plugs, antifreeze looked great. I hooked up a battery and it started right up. I let it run 5 or so times, 30min at a time each week. The last time I started it up I forgot I left it running say an hour or so. When I remembered I found steam coming from the passenger side of the engine & shut it down. Antifreeze puddle under the car. What might I have damaged to cause this. After cooling down; I put antifreeze to fill the radiator; in a few days (without trying to restart the car) there was an AF puddle under the car. I have NOT tried to start the car since. The car was always left running in my garage with the exhaust facing out my open garage door. What steps should I take to check for possible damage?? Thx
starting to squeak on acceleration. tension unit is broken
I checked spark plugs and three had a bit of oil but checked compression and it's excellent. Help????
I jet don't trst that place where I only complaint then was the hesitation so they fix a gasket that cost me around $2,000 and 2 distributor caps and EH which costed me $348.00 alone
What is 17 on code reader
mercedes 500 sl how do you stop the hazzard light for the convertible bar
it just started and the light switch does not work for the automatic top
At first rare. Very frequent now. Now to try to push hard does consistent. 190.000 MI TRIED injector cleaner. Ooops no fix
the interior. I had never experienced an audio "Trouble" alarm. Checked the oil did a visual check of the engine compartment, restarted car and the beeping continued. Turned off car to research the issue. Any ideas? It was not the security alarm.
The clutch on the air pump seems to be failing and sounds like the bearings are shot
The dash warning light for the Adaptive Damping System has come on. The hydraulic tank is empty.
mind of its own
Can anyone tell me where I can find a repair manual for my car that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
also, the roll bar warning light stays on all the time even though it is functioning properly
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